DLALA Studios

Dlala has spent the past five years focused on creativity, technical knowledge and producing high-quality, passion-driven work. It is this drive that has seen us not only create original IP, but also work with established IP and support some of the biggest companies across the globe. They’re based in one of my local towns called Witham.

DLALA studios have created a game called ‘OverRuled’ which is a multiplayer brawler and was published on the platforms of PS4 and Windows.

They have also created a game call ‘Janksy’ which is a physics adventure based game which is single player and only on windows.

DLALA studios have worked with massive companies such as: Microsoft; Disney; and RARE.

And have helped work with games such as ‘escapist’ and ‘Sea of Thieves’


Careers with Dlala Studios

Whilst they aren’t ever looking to get too big, we are always interested in meeting individuals, just like ourselves, who are passionate about making games.

We may be a small studio hidden away in Essex, but they have already worked with some of the biggest companies in the world; creating games with partners such as Disney, Microsoft and the Institute for Creative Technologies.

As a studio,they are completely staff-driven, offering competitive salaries, flexibility and perks for all team members.

They believe in everyone having a voice in the company and that all ideas are valid, no matter where they come from. So, if you are an open-minded person, and want to create awesome games, with awesome people.


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