‘The Revenant’ questionnaire Results/Analysis

My research questionnaire was carried out through my class so it had a limited range of people and interests. So I know that the results won’t be the best and most accurate, but next time I know I can do it including other people with other interests.

age question


Its important to know the age so I can determine the audience and target audience and make sure it’s safe for my game, the Pegi rating for my game is 16 and the target audience in 16-18 year olds. This shows that my research supports the theory and target/ plan of my game. This is proven by have 60% of people in the range of 16-18 so I know that if over 40% of people enjoy the film then I will know at least someone who is in the age bracket of my target audience enjoys it.



Gender plays an important roll in games. Due to the fact that 66% of the people who answered the questionnaire were male should support my primary target audience of male 18 year olds. as I’m more likely to appeal to my target audience and have them answer my questions.




I need to find out if people are familiar with the film, this will give me a wider range of research. I can then see what peoples views are about it with and without seeing the whole film and just seeing 1 clip. This will give me many different views and opinions about it which will help me out a lot by letting me know what’s good and bad and how I can change it.



If people enjoy the clip then ill make my game very like it, if they don’t ill have to make a lot of changes, that’s why it is so important to do this as I can get the best out of my game. As 70% of people did enjoy it then, I know I can make it similar to the clip and take full inspiration from it.





I asked my participants what genre they though the film was just from this clip and 60% of people thought It was adventure which is correct, but because it’s so gory 20% of people thought it was horror. This is important so I can see my specific audience and see how I can get my game to reach them and not go in the wrong direction and not reach my target audience.



If there is anything bad with the clip that doesn’t suit my target audience I can change things if necessary, for example 40% of people said nothing but people said to lower the amount of fighting, gore and blood.





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