Art Styles

Pixel Art:
The art style which refuses to die. Even though pixel art was originally created out of necessity due to the limitations of old games consoles, many modern indie designers have co-opted the visual style.


Cel Shading:
Cel shading is a method of rendering a 3D model to look cartoony, rather than photorealistic. It’s characterised by having little or no gradients. The impression of 3D is created through layers of solid colour.


This is the style that most modern Nintendo games use. The textures are highly detailed, and even though the elements are cartoony they’re rendered in a realistic way.


The flat aesthetic doesn’t use any 3D elements. Each sprite looks like a paper cut out. Nidnogg is a good example of this aesthetic.


The aesthetic uses primitive shapes – squares, rectangles, lines etc, often in acid / neon colours on a black background. It’s a super retro aesthetic – almost pre-pixel art. It does look good though.


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