Concept art for Noah

When creating our characters we had to think of how they look as they have to suitable for our game and the audience, we came up with the child’s design as we had to make it look creepy but keep him look young. we chose his clothes to be pajamas as it will be late at night, he’s young and he will be in bed at the time. We have also created his life in a brief explanation, past and present, including a backstory to why he is like what he is. The child is our antagonist as he tries to catch the father.


Noah is the main character you play as and represents high honor by doing what ever he can to rescue his son.

I have chose this design for Noah to make him look masculine and dominant as a stereotypical hero. I am happy with this design but might have to make changes in the near future.

His job used to be an adventurer after he left the MI5 as a spy, this makes him trained for the adventure he is about to go on.

bear and noah


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