Research Questionnaire Results/Analysis

I felt that I got amazing results, great support and couldn’t as for any better results from the questionnaire and it really helped me out with creating and improving my game.


When I asked what games that I should look at and multiple people said ark which is a very good game to look at as it is based in many terrains and could give me a lot of inspiration for my game and I will look into that in the future.

I was told to look at god of war duo to the environment and how realistic the setting is and how it suits the game so that will help me understand the environment to help with the visuals of my game.



When I asked what other art styles I should look at there were many different types of games and art styles but as mine is very pixel-like then I will look into the game doom as that was a well made game and has great visuals to match with my game.

Music styles are very important to me and gameplay so if I get the right music for my game then it will be very successful. I was suggested Viking and medieval music which would suit my game very well so I might use that.



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