Level Design Creation

This image was my original idea for a background and I wanted to make it much more simple to make it better and more effective in everyway as my game is pixel art I don’t want to have a realistic background.

Forrest background


I have turned it into this, and as you can u see I have made it very cartoony and more suiting to my game so it will look better and more effective for my game.

completed final bg


The picture below will be the death picture that comes up when you die, I chose this as it is a dark night in a forest representing death.

dark forrest (Night)

These are the 4 platforms for my game: a center block, left block, right block, solo block. these are the platforms that the characters will be on so they have limited room and gives them a challenge.

Floor middleFloor LeftFloor RightFloor solo


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