Mood board

A mood board is a visual tool that helps establish a vision or approach to an advertising or marketing concept before the designer creates the actual ad layout. A mood board is often presented like a collage or storyboard, weaving the general flavor from start to finish.

Mood boards are essential when thinking of a game idea or concept, or just even being creative. it allows you to place all of your ideas into one place just with picture and your imagination. its basically a group of pictures describing the game or its concept and the meanings behind the game. Also mood boards are created to show an arrangement of images, materials ,pieces of text, etc. intended to project a particular style or concept

My mood board was created to represent my game and how it will look and what it will designed around. (And you can view my work below)

mood board

Mine is based on rainforests and things that are inside a rainforest as my game is based in a rainforest. As you can see my mood board is quite dark and the animals such as bears can be as they’re dangerous animals and are not to be messed with.

I feel like my mood board cam out very well and I am proud of what I have made and hope my game is a success.


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