Full game test and questionnaire results

My questionnaire got many results and here they are:

ansr 1

Most people enjoyed my game because of the environment so I will touch up on them and make that part even better.

There were bugs which I am planning to remove and fix in the near future.

Everyone thought that the double jump is a good idea so I decided to leave it in.


Most people said I should remove the small platforms in the boss level  but some people liked it so I am going to remove some of them so there are only a few left.

4/5 people thought that the background for the game was a 4 out of 5 rating which is positive and what I wanted to hear.

There are other comments which people have left which I am going to work on, for example the idle animation glitch and the ice skating effect the player has.


Over all I am happy with my results and they help me improve my game and that’s what I was hoping to hear from this questionnaire.


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