Final Evaluation

I produced a survival 2D platformer game with pixel art which was also my plan from the beginning because I stuck to my Gantt chart which helped out a lot.

My original plot was where you have to save your son from terrorists but then I changed it to have more inspiration from ‘The Revenant’ so the story is changed to you being on a hunting session and bears come to attack you and you have to escape back to your camp where you will be safe because there is fire.

I enjoyed all of it apart from time management because it really put pressure on my work but everything else I enjoyed, I have used construct 2 before and found it quite easy so that wasn’t too bad and the same with Piskel.

The best part out of all of it was making the characters in Piskel as I can make them exactly how I want and can alter them if I want to.

One thing I didn’t enjoy putting the game together as it isn’t as fun and doesn’t show as much creativity as I like being creative by making things, not assembling them.

The best thing about my game was probably the bear and the backgrounds as I think they go together really well and the bears were fun to research and create. I also feel that the overall game fitted my target audience and my research.

It would be better if I had more detailed characters, because I was going to keep the art very pixel styled and simple but made the bear quite detailed so I should have spent more time on Noah so it fits the game better.

I have analysed everything that went wrong in my game and worked on it to fix it, including any spelling mistakes to any glitches found in my game.

Overall I am really happy with my project and I am very proud of what I have done this project and hope to learn more in the future.


Adding sound into construct 2

I added the foot steps in my game and making it was fun, I made the sound by me walking on stones and I thought it wasn’t going to sound as good as I wanted it to but it did so I decided to use it.

I had to make it slightly faster though as Noah’s running animation was faster than the sound so it sounds more realistic.

overall I am happy with the sound but currently struggling adding multiple sounds into the game so if I can in the near future fix that.


Fixing my idle glitch

When my character was idle his animation would move forwards and backwards slightly and I fixed this by resetting all of his origin points and it fixed it.

Next time I use construct 2 using animations then I will have to be careful about the origin points so I don’t have the problem again.

Full game test and questionnaire results

My questionnaire got many results and here they are:

ansr 1

Most people enjoyed my game because of the environment so I will touch up on them and make that part even better.

There were bugs which I am planning to remove and fix in the near future.

Everyone thought that the double jump is a good idea so I decided to leave it in.


Most people said I should remove the small platforms in the boss level  but some people liked it so I am going to remove some of them so there are only a few left.

4/5 people thought that the background for the game was a 4 out of 5 rating which is positive and what I wanted to hear.

There are other comments which people have left which I am going to work on, for example the idle animation glitch and the ice skating effect the player has.


Over all I am happy with my results and they help me improve my game and that’s what I was hoping to hear from this questionnaire.

Sound planning

I am planning to add sound into my game, hopefully I will have footsteps and growls for bears if they are in a certain distance to you and will be adding them in the near future.

I plan for the footsteps to be a tapping sound which I can edit in audacity to sound more realistic and for the growl I will record my dog either growling or barking and edit it in audacity to make it sound more realistic and scary.

Fixing the Bear glitch

I added a new behavior to the bear called sine which sets the bear to patrol left and right and you can set it to be horizontal or vertical and set the distance it travels.

This makes it so much easier to code patrolling enemies in games

Bear code

This shows what difference I have made to it and how simple this new coding is compared to making him have variables and have about 6 pieces of coding. it was also very quick and wasn’t very hard to add to the game.


The video below is how I learnt and researched about the sine behavior.